Cash Loans For Gold Bristol

Need A Cash Loan?

  • Use your Valuables to get cash.
  • Lend yourself money!
  • Fast confidential and easy. No credit checks.
Pawnbroking Loan.

Our flexible pawnbroking loans have always proved extremely popular. With upto 7 months to repay your loan, along with the option to renew at any time, this is a very convenient way to borrow money secured against your gold or silver jewellery.

Valid photo ID required along with proof of age.

Must be 18 or older for pawnbroking.

How does it work?

      • Bring in your valuables and some ID. We accept utility bills, driving licences & passports.
      • We appraise your items and inform you of the amount we can offer you
      • Once the amount is agreed you receive the cash immediately
      • Your valuables are stored in our vault.
      • Your have the agreed time to repay the principal amount and the applicable charges.
      • Receive your items back.
      • Need longer ? Simply pay the charges accrued upto that point and the contract can be renewed.
      • No Credit Checks, No Complicated Application forms !
We Can Lend Against…

Gold, silver and other items by consultation.

Unsure if your item has any value?
    • Free no strings appraisals.
    • You might be surprised.
    • Cash Loans